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As a local business and a recruitment agency, we know better than most how important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is.

It says a lot about our Environment, Culture and Values. What we stand for. At Distinct, we set out to create a company that people are proud to work for, a company who people are proud to work with, and a company that gives back.

    As a company, we probably do enough.
  • We recycle (yes, some businesses still don’t recycle)
  • Our client & candidate gifts include litre sized glass bottles and reusable coffee cups (save the Planet!)
  • We organise and run an annual charity football tournament with all proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust (and we let the other teams win)
  • All of our staff are given three days paid annual leave to do volunteer / charity work of their choice (Our CEO & Director decided to use this time wisely and sleep outside for the night)
  • We even employ two vegans (one is simply known as ‘Vegan’)

We probably do enough. But we could do so much more, and we want to.

We have ambitious plans for our CSR. As our business grows and we become more successful, it’s important to reinvest. But we’re not greedy, and there will come a time (and it’s coming soon) when we will be able to give back a lot more and hopefully make a huge difference to the lives of others. So, watch this space.