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6 hours to fill your job

We’re currently in another busy 4 day week, and a market where attracting top talent continues to be a challenge with recruitment processes

So… I should cut to the chase.

Would you be happy if your recruitment partner could, almost, (I say almost because 10yrs in recruitment has taught me that NOTHING is a certainty) guarantee to successfully fill your vacancy in just 6 Hours? For me this really is quite simple.

In essence I can say with confidence backed up with evidence, that our consultants because of how we’re set up to deliver a great service for our customers, can fill our customers vacancies in just 6 hours, that’s less than a typical working day for most of our clients… How?

We know our Clients

The records show that when our consultants spend an hour meeting with a client to gain a thorough, deep understanding of the type of person required (both hard technical skills AND softer behavioural traits) that, on average, we successfully place 75% of roles (UK recruitment industry standard is circa 25%).

One Hour…

We know our Candidates

Evidence shows that, on average, we send 4 CV’s to our clients per vacancy. 4 CV’s that have been carefully selected based on the hard & soft skills requested by our customers, and that of those our clients request to meet 3 of them.

 That’s four hours… 

We really do know our candidates

Put simply. Of those three 1st interviews (again backed up from our evidence over the past 12mths), 2 are selected to follow up 2nd interviews or more informal meet & greets – which then typically result in an offer being made to one of the candidates.

So there you have it, I told you it was simple. For all the hiring managers out there reading this, in taking just 6 hours of your time we can take away any potential headache caused by an outstanding vacancy. 

If you’d like to know more about our Distinct approach to recruitment, about how we believe simplicity is underrated in our sector. 

All the best,

- Al

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