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A Rollercoaster Ride

It’s just over a month since I made the decision to invest in Distinct and thought it would be good to put pen to paper to share some of the highs and lows of the first few weeks – It’s safe to say it’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride – we’ve loved every minute – the good and the bad.

It’s flown by – One minute you’re presenting a shortlist, the next it’s the important job of ensuring our temps are paid on time whilst not forgetting to pay the VAT return, keeping a close eye on the Cash flow and doing your best Credit Controller impression by chasing an invoice due for payment.

Charlotte Woodhouse jumping around the office and nearly piercing our ear drums in delight when she secured her first exclusive HR job. The pride you feel when the HR Manager then emails to say they’ve been so impressed with the service offered “given you’ve only been trading for 8 weeks”.

The buzz you get when you chase a lead down and being given the opportunity to “prove yourself” and the Saturday morning phone calls to the candidate you found on Linked in asking them to get their CV over ASAP.

The desire to succeed as the underdog when you pick up a new job knowing that you are up against one of the region’s more established and well known recruitment firms.

Having Michael Dawson in the office and seeing his genuine interest as we walked him through how our CRM system works.

Then there’s the anticipation and excitement you feel when you realise we’re already bursting at the seams in our current office and you visit a new development in Bridgford that could potentially be our base from the summer – we’re eagerly waiting the builders to start work so we can watch our potential new home take shape!

The regular messages of support from friends, family, candidates and customers – it is really appreciated.

But like I said, it’s not always been easy…..

The reality in the early days is that you often have all your “eggs in one basket” – and when a couple of things don’t land your way it hits you hard and you really do curse the “internal candidate” that magically appeared at the last minute! It’s at times like this that we realise the need for a beer fridge!

When it comes to Business Development time and the gatekeeper politely tells you “I’m sorry, she’s never heard of your business and won’t take your call”…

It’s a testament to the quality and experience of the  individuals that we have at Distinct that we all share the mindset that every knock back will make us come back even stronger, you pick yourself up and keep going, not knowing what’s going to be round the next corner

We’ll continue to get the knock backs, particularly in the early days, but what trumps it for me is the excitement we all feel about being part of something so different – the closeness of the team and all being in it from the start – having each others backs, succeeding together… and picking each other up when… inevitably… some things don’t go to plan.

- Arran Jaiswal, Director of Distinct Recruitment 

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Arran Jaiswal

Arran Jaiswal

Director | North America