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Applying for a new job in 2020. It's a bit of a beach

But you already knew that.

Boris and his bumbling pals haven't made it easy to jet off to Benidorm this year, so we’ve turned back the years and embraced the “Great British holiday”. 

What’s the crack with beaches in this country though? 

You walk down the steps, look left, look right. It’s packed, but you’re just glad to be out of the house. You chuck your stuff down, put the wind break up and get comfortable on the towel you nicked from the hotel.

There’s people all around you, but the kids have run off for a paddle, the cloud breaks and the sun’s just come out. 

Life’s pretty good. 

But then a little shit walks past and kicks sand in your face. 

That’s the job equivalent of the last minute internal candidate pipping you to the post. Or the person who has slightly more relevant industry experience. Or the ex-employee that expressed an interest in coming back. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The jobs market is more crowded than Bournemouth, on a bank holiday in August. Lots of people need a new job, others would move for a better job.

Whichever camp you fall into, there’s stuff you can be doing to improve your chances of getting one.

It involves walking a bit further, past the swathes of bodies. Don’t worry though, this is England. You’re not gonna burn your feet, but you can help yourself find some space away from the crowds.

You need to widen your search. Think about who can help you. And it’s not just us in the Agency world. 

> Think about your network. Who do you know who could help you? Who’ve you worked with in the past? Not just directly, think indirectly too. Auditors, Bankers, Lawyers, Non execs. You’ll be amazed how quickly your list grows (the “People also viewed” bit of Linked In really helps with this).
> Drop them a message. Don’t be shy, most people will love to help you.
> It’s not just about who you know. It’s about who the people you know, know. So when you speak to them ask if they can recommend anyone else you should be talking to. 
> Check out the LI Alumni page – see what your old school / uni pals are up to. 
> Think about the industries you’ve worked in. Identify the businesses in your area that operate in similar ones. Connect with the relevant person on here. Drop them a message.
> Think about companies you’d really like to work for. Just because their careers section is empty, it doesn’t mean they’re not recruiting. Even if they’re not, you can put yourself at the top of their mind for when they are hiring.
> Subscribe to the news alerts (e.g. The Business Desk). You’ll get to know the companies in your area that are performing well. Those that are more likely to be hiring. Connect to the relevant people. 
> Comment / post on Linked in. Have an opinion on stuff. Create your online brand. This will make you visible to more people. Do this right and your profile will be working for you 24/7. 

If you work hard at the above you’ll tap into the “hidden” jobs market. According to Forbes, this part of the jobs market now accounts for up to 80% of hires.

These are the jobs us agencies aren’t briefed on. 

These are the jobs that exist, but aren’t actively recruited. 

If you’re willing to put the extra steps in, you’ll tap into this space, you’ll eliminate your competition (other job seekers) and nobody will be kicking sand in your face.

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