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Boston Lincolnshire or Massachusetts?

You Decide...

One has a population of 70,000 and the other 7,000,000

One has a GDP of c$420 billion and the other well it is probably a touch shy of that figure.

One is 47 miles from Nottingham and the other is 3198 miles.

And as much as Boston is a lovely market town and is only 47 miles from our HQ in Nottingham, it is not our next geographical target. We have come along way from our humble begins 4 years ago and whilst we will never forget where we started, we are ambitious and our next stop is the USA.

As part of our growth we are looking for several trainees to join us on our journey. Are you?

1. Smart. Degree or not it doesn't matter, as long as you can join the dots and think on your feet.
2. A grafter. We don't want people who talk about working hard, we want people who actually work hard. We offer all sorts of flexibility here at Distinct (unlimited holidays, flexible hours, work from home, the list goes on) but as a trainee you won't get this. I'm just being honest, let's prevent this being a failed relationship before it even starts.
3. Ambitious. You don't want to standstill but you recognise you are going to have earn the right to progress.

Interested? Get in touch to hear more :) 

- James


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James Calder

James Calder

Chief Executive

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