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Considerations when making a career move

There may come a time (or several times) in your career when it’s time to move onto something new. Whether it be for a fresh challenge, a change of scene, or a career enhancing step; depending on your motivation and measures of success, the reality and ease of changing jobs is not always straightforward.

Exploring Opportunities
If you’ve made the decision to look for something new, you may find that when exploring the market, the right fit doesn’t instantly materialise for you. I would always recommend properly evaluating what it is that’s missing from your current role, think about what you need in your next role as well as the factors that aren’t a priority. This will help to prevent yourself from being sold on aspects that may seem great but aren’t really on your wish list.

When I made the decision to move to Distinct, the factors that I considered were:
- Business reputation: Not to be mistaken for how big or well-known a business is, but more focused on quality control and customer feedback.
- Scale of opportunity: How much of an impact I can have and how much can I gain in this business.
- Working environment: Location was undoubtedly a factor, but also office environment itself and the opportunity for flexible working too.
- Package: Salary, car and commission structure.
- Culture: Company values and employees.

I didn’t just rate Distinct on each of these factors in isolation – I scored them against other opportunities as well as my previous role to give myself an accurate view of where I could take my career and, in the end, there were a couple that outscored my previous role but Distinct was the one that scored the highest. Thankfully, this also matched my gut instinct the whole way through the process – you might not get the same outcome when you go through this exercise yourself, and if your gut instinct is scoring low then you probably need to re-evaluate what your important factors are.

External Considerations
It’s not just a case of finding the right job as much as it is about being the right time. At a senior level, you will often hear of people having passed up great opportunities because the timing wasn’t right and, at any level, this is something to be considered. One mistimed move could result in you being back in the market sooner than you’d like and could give your CV some fragility.

If you’ve got a lot going on outside of work and are worried you might not be able to give 100%, it might not be sensible to move – after all, an employer that knows you is more likely to give you a bit of extra flexibility and be supportive of your non-work commitments or projects. Plus, for your own job satisfaction, you’ll likely want to give your all, make a great impression and make a difference to your new employer as quickly as possible. 

Sam is our latest addition to Team HR, looking after the Leicester and Northamptonshire markets specifically. If you want to discuss your next career move in HR, get in touch with Sam!

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