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Dawson Signs for Distinct Recruitment

I’m delighted to reveal that my first investor is ex England International Michael Dawson.

Having started his career with Nottingham Forest, he made 91 appearances before moving to Tottenham Hotspur where he became club captain in 2012 and made 324 appearances over a 10 year period. During his time at Spurs, Michael represented England at both Under 21 and full senior level including being a member of the 2010 World Cup squad. Michael is now captaining Steve Bruce’s Hull City as they aim to make an instant return to the Premiership.

When he approached me about investing in me and the company it was an easy decision to make. And, although you won’t be seeing Mike on the phones, well not yet... He will be an active member of the company joining us for business and social events. Described by many as one of the nicest guys in football and whilst I’m biased, I’d describe him as one of the nicest guys you will meet.

So the journey continues to gather pace and at long last, I have decided upon a name and Tao Recruitment is formed. To say this has been the hardest task to date would be an understatement, after many hours of thought the name actually came about when one of my new hires, who is joining in January, was out on a run and she phoned me after and said how about Tao? And that is how Tao Recruitment came about. I am now settled in our new office in West Bridgford surrounded by eight desks and iMac ready to build something memorable. Given the level of interest in the company to date, I don’t believe we will be in the office for long and the aim is to be at 12 staff by mid-2016 and double that by 2017. I have launched the business with opportunity in mind and to build an environment where people can grow, prosper and have a voice. I think it is easy to say you are going to build something different, and in truth as always, actions speak louder than words. For now, all I have are the words but rest assured the actions will follow.

So as I work towards ‘going live’ the hard work continues, developing the brand, building the website, maximising the benefits of our CRM system, Bullhorn, VAT registration, payroll, insurance, PR, the list goes on and on...

- James 

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