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Distinct (Bex) loves FIIT

It’s fair to say that exercise has been important to me since I graduated from Uni and got my first permanent job in an office.

It all stemmed from the copious amounts of food that I ate during that time. Having an onsite canteen led to daily visits for a cooked breakfast; which coupled with the Daleside cafe for lunch (IYKYK), constant office bake-offs, and numerous trips to the filing cupboard for sugary treats every day resulted in a rather rapid weight gain!

It was at this point that I decided enough was enough and something had to change so I joined the gym and my love for exercise began. As someone who was never good at sports as a kid and was always on the sub-bench watching, the gym was a massive game-changer for me. I finally found a sport I could do. Being a self-confessed ‘faddy’, I am that person that gets bored easily, likes trying new things, and has massive FOMO; so, the gym ticked a lot of boxes for me particularly when I discovered the classes timetable!


Fast forward to 12 years later and I found myself in a bit of a gym rut. Due to moving house, I had ‘downgraded’ gyms and was finding myself sat on the dumbbell bench gawping at the flock of much younger, perfectly dressed, uber-confident gym-goers, strutting their way around the gym floor flirting with each other – impeccably turned out with a full face of makeup whilst the DJ was playing the decks in the background.

I didn’t belong there; they knew it and so did I. I handed in my gym resignation and slogged out my one-month notice before deciding what’s next?

I had tried running before and will no doubt try it again… and again in the future. Deep down, I know it’s not for me. You know when Phoebe from friends goes out for a run?! Yep, I am that person! It just doesn’t like me, and I don’t like it. The heavy breathing and panting like a dog, feeling like I am going to be sick because my heart is beating so fast, my face resembling a beetroot, and the endless body aches and strains as a result.

Running was not an option.


I needed to find something else. Something that would keep me entertained, offered variety, not be too difficult but would push me; and not be too time-consuming so I couldn’t find an excuse not to do it! Over the last few months I had seen Binky Felstead looking insanely fit on my Instagram feed perfectly poised on an exercise mat with a belt around her waist exercising in her living room and I decided to investigate further.

That’s when I came across the app, Fiit.

I couldn’t believe that this was a free app! From initial exploration it looked great; it had a good variety of classes at different levels and a wide range of instructors. As I researched it, I learned that you could have a free account or upgrade to a paid account where you would get access to more classes and more features. There were different billing options – monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Being someone that’s normally a bull at a gate, I decided to fight my instinct of signing up for the paid account straightaway and trialed the free app for 3 months to see how I got on. I literally loved it; the 25-minute classes are the perfect amount of time pre-work without having to get up too early and I was saving time on not having to drive to the gym beforehand.

3 months flew by and I was well and truly hooked. I signed up for the annual subscription and received my free device tracker to track my heart rate, calorie burn, and reps. I was saving a small fortune reducing my bills from £50 p/m for a gym membership to £10p/m and was also saving time, petrol money and didn’t have to worry about anyone watching or judging me. 

There is something for everyone. They offer three different types of class- cardio, strength and rebalance so I could even continue my yoga and Pilates without having to go to a studio. You don’t need any equipment but equally, if you have dumbbells, Thera bands, or a kettlebell then you can filter the classes to use these too.

The instructors are brilliant; I now follow many of them on Instagram and am inspired and motivated by them on a daily basis. I have also become a massive fangirl of Chessie King – a real girl who is genuinely hilarious, says it how it is, and is a fantastic ambassador of what it is to be normal and healthy.

Fiit also offers a sense of community if you want it. You can sign up for live classes if you enjoy feeling part of something. There is also a class leader board which is great if you do have a competitive side. For me; it’s been a great way of tracking my progress and pushing myself further.


I started using Fiit way before the year of 2020 and the shower of s**t that came with it and thank god I did! There is no doubt that it got me through lockdown, kept me sane, healthy, motivated, and positive.

18 months later and I am fully addicted to this app and I cannot rate it highly enough. If you need any encouragement or have any questions, then get in touch; I will happily talk in more detail about it.

N.B. This is not an ad and I am not earning any commission for endorsing this service! 

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