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From a placement year cut-short to a well-deserved promotion. Here’s 5 minutes with our newest Talent Acquisition Consultant, Chris…


Over the last few years, Chris’ journey with us has been unlike any other at Distinct. After joining us on a placement year which was cut short by Covid, and graduating from Loughborough University, he’s finally returned to work with us permanently.


When he first joined us in August 2019, Chris was studying Sociology combined with Criminology at Loughborough University.



“I really enjoyed Sociology because it’s a study of people and society, it was the only thing really that interested me. I knew I wanted to go to Uni, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just thought I’d be most interested in Sociology. I could have done other subjects - I’m academic, but I wasn’t thinking about taking Maths or English, I wanted to do something that I knew I’d enjoy.”


Chris’s interest in Sociology served as a perfect segue into his realisation that a career in recruitment would match his interest in people.


“That was the whole reason why I wanted to get into Recruitment. With my degree focusing on people, what they do, how they act, why they do it, it was a clear path into recruitment. I don’t mind talking to people, it’s one the skills that I feel is pretty good. So, I sat down and thought…well what do I need to do for a job now? What is my course relevant to, my skills? I thought why not – let’s give it a go!”


So, Chris knew he wanted to get into recruitment, but how did he find us?


“For me, I wanted to find the best place for me to learn recruitment for a year. There’s a lot of agencies out there and I knew that I wanted one that was local, but one that would be able to give me the best opportunity. Because it was my first experience in recruitment, I knew I needed a good agency. So, I just spent some time searching on Google, going through all the agencies in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, and the one that kept coming up was Distinct.”


Chris emailed Arran to set up an interview.


“Az is quite notoriously nice on interviews, he says himself that he’s ‘a bit too nice’, he was talking to me about football for a big part of it, completely unrelated.”

Arran immediately wanted to on-board him and set up a meeting with Selena in Office Support, and in August 2019, Chris began his placement year with us at Distinct. In his first few months, Chris focused on the data side of things, sorting out our databases, company postcodes, industries, and becoming familiar with our system. After that, he helped Selena in team Office Support by sourcing candidates for her available roles.

“I was more candidate side than client side, just sourcing people, talking to as many people as possible.”


After gaining experience in Office Support, he moved to join Joel over in Supply Chain and Procurement in January 2020. Here with the arrival of covid, things went askew, and Chris’ placement year was unfortunately cut short. However, he knew that he wanted to come back one day…


“For me, with my experience that I had in those 7 months, I knew that I wanted to get back into recruitment. For me, everyone was so nice, and I thought Distinct would be the best place for me to come back and do recruitment properly. I didn’t know the full process because my time was cut short, but I could see that everyone was exceptional at what they do. For me it was an easy decision. I had people offering me positions on LinkedIn, but I wasn’t even entertaining them. I knew I wanted to go back to Distinct.”


In the 7 months he was with us, Chris made a brilliant impression with Joel and the rest of our Distinct team, and when the opportunity arose to bring him back to work with us permanently, he re-joined us as a Resourcing Consultant in June 2021.



Chris’ role now involves speaking to Supply Chain and Procurement candidates - finding out what kind of role they’d be best suited to and what they’re looking for.

“Present day, we’re in a candidate-short market, so my task is to try to combat that and find suitable people for our roles. Sometimes it can get you down when you struggle, but when you find that one candidate and you place them, it makes all the difference, it perks you up so much. That was the main reason I wanted to join recruitment. It’s a nice feeling to help someone in their life, to find them a job, and it makes them so happy too - you’re having a positive change on their life. It’s a real perk of the job.

I’d say the thing I most enjoy about the role is speaking to candidates. Recruitment is a lot of time spent on the phone, talking to people, learning, and understanding what their situation is, and listening about what they want. I’d say that’s the main reason why I want to be in recruitment. You want to make sure that you’re doing the best by them, just helping them out as much as possible.”



Chris enjoys the Supply Chain and Procurement industry because of how niche it tends to be.

 “I like how Supply Chain is more focused on specific roles, and I tend to work with those roles quite often, so I get to know them in a lot of detail. When I have a candidate that’s worked those roles, I know that I can find them what they’re looking for. It isn’t for everyone, some people could find Supply Chain quite boring, but I really enjoy it and find it interesting.”

In two months, Chris has placed 8 candidates in their new roles, earning himself a well-deserved promotion to Talent Acquisition Consultant. Chris now works with candidates and clients in the Supply Chain & Procurement market, covering roles of up to £35k across the East Midlands.


Well done Chris! If you’re interested in starting your career in recruitment, we’re always looking to hire attitude and train skills. Get in touch with us at:

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