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HR network findings and 2021 job market predictions

Are you happily HR, or are you waiting to jump at the chance for a change? If you have been contemplating how happy you are at work and what it will mean when things go “back to normal”, you’re not alone. 

When speaking with our vast network of HR professionals over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a lot of flip-flopping in regard to how people are feeling at work and what the real causes of their feelings are.

HR professional survey findings

With the vaccine rollout gathering momentum in March 2021 and many anticipating the light at the end of the tunnel, our HR recruitment team decided to take to the LinkedIn polls and firstly asked over 400 HR professionals:

“Are you more or less satisfied with your job than you were 12 months ago?”



A significant percentage of HR professionals surveyed (45%) reported that they were less satisfied with their job than they were 12 months ago. Whilst quantitative data can leave a lot to interpret, we also know through conversations had during the last year that this could largely be due to life under lockdown and feelings of burnout. However, there is also the real possibility that this us due to the quality in which businesses have been able to effectively support their HR staff during this period.

16% of professionals reported that they felt more or less the same, and 39% of people have actually been feeling better about their job. There are a number of variables such as the flexibility that working from home provides, how well a business has adapted to Covid, and business financials, that would certainly contribute to an individual’s feelings about work.

A change of perspective could also be affecting individuals job satisfaction. Our second survey, also in March 2021, found that: 73% of over 500 HR professionals admitted their outlook on employment and / or career goals had changed when compared with pre-pandemic life.



The HR Job Market


So, what does this mean for the HR job market? We’re anticipating an upsurge of passive HR job seekers becoming more active in the job market as confidence in employment increases. This will have a knock-on effect in the increase of competition for roles, but also an increase in vacancies making it to market to backfill (replace) employees who have moved.

In contrast, over the last 6 months, there has been a hindrance for new jobs making it to market as a lot of jobs have been filled by available candidates, and therefore there's been little churn to create new openings.

It remains to be seen whether the changes in perspective will withstand for the long term, or whether they are simply a short-term response to extenuating circumstances. However, as more restrictions continue to lift over the next few months, it is likely that we will also see an uplift in new job openings for many businesses, especially those who will have experienced a ‘hiring freeze’.

If you have found yourself actively looking for a new HR opportunity or would like to discuss the market further, please get in touch.


Stats taken from LinkedIn:
Are you more or less satisfied with your job than you were 12 months ago?

160 – More – 39%
183 – Less – 45%
67 – About the same – 16%
410 Total Votes

Has your outlook on employment/ have your career goals changed since pre-pandemic?

393 – Yes – 73%
143 – No – 27%
536 Total Votes

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