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My first 5 days as a Distinct Recruiter

I'm not a very spiritual person but I always end up reading the blasé horoscopes that are attached to the fashion blog that spams my emails on a monthly basis. However, this month's horoscope actually surprised me when it said that the 25th September would see a big change in my career, and well it didn't lie, as that was my very first day as a Distinct Employee and what a whirlwind the last 5 days have been.

Walking into the office on your first day is always nerve racking but these guys definitely know how to make you feel at home. To me, it's all the little things that count and the personal touches that they don't HAVE to do, like the fancy note pads that were ready at my desk (not the usual 99p note books I buy myself) or the 'posh' M & S cookies placed next to my personalised mug on how to make my favourite hot drink. For anyone that wants to know, it's a 'Good cuppa - Strong with a lot of milk' ooo and a slice of cake would never go a miss!

So after all the introductions to everyone and their nicknames (we're still working on mine) so any suggestions are welcome. It was time to get stuck into the nitty gritty. In every job there is always a lot to learn and for me it's all about structure, '1 step at a time' as I always tell the girls I teach dancing, no matter how high anyone gets in their career they always started off learning the basics. 1 thing is for sure, I'm going to work hard and dream big.

Luckily Jaimee AKA Bish had a structured plan for me on the day to day running of a resourcing desk. As each day went by, we ticked off what I felt comfortable with and my it's surprising how much you can squeeze into 7 and a half hours not forgetting the numerous snack breaks I my mum always tells me you can't work on an empty stomach.

So here I am it's Friday afternoon, the sun shining and I can't believe how much I have learned this week. Now off for my one to one meeting, let's see what next week has in store!

Never thought I'd say this but, BRING ON MONDAY!

- Imogen, Clerical Finance Consultant 

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Imogen Talbot-Slack

Imogen Talbot-Slack

Clerical Finance Consultant

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