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Our first Marketing hire

Your mate from school tags you in a picture on facebook. It's from a night out in the late 90's. You cringe when you realise you actually left the house dressed that way. Know the feeling?

That's how I feel when I look back to some of the content I put out in the early days of Distinct #cringe So it's safe to say we're delighted to welcome Laura Catherine Hickman to Distinct as our first ever Marketing Exec.

From Advertising to PR, Copywriting to Media schedules, there's not much Laura doesn't know and we feel privileged that she chose to join us. What's that saying? Don't hire people and tell them what to do. Hire great people so they can tell you what to do.

Welcome to Distinct, Laura, it's great to have you here.......and Barley is welcome in the office anytime!


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