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Signing off well...

The question I was really grappling with is how do you “sign off well” when arguably you haven’t been “online” for the last 14 weeks.

Today marks the start of maternity leave for me and it’s one more strange transition that 2020 has offered. From furlough to maternity leave for some might sound like bliss. Imagery of a clean house, complete of all DIY projects and new skills acquired.

The reality for me is closer to cupboards that look like a craft grenade has gone off and plastic tat in every room designed to keep a two year old stimulated and a four year old boxer dog who is quite frankly sick of the sight of me.

Noting, this is small fry compared to the challenges many of you are facing currently. Whether it continues to be the balance of work/home schooling, redundancies and being on the front line in the current pandemic.

Poignantly, this week saw Distinct invite their entire team back, where possible and in various different formats. The pull I felt hearing that, to get stuck in navigating the new normal with the wider team was only dampened by the reality of a baby who in the next couple of weeks will be keen to get air side.

My heartfelt thanks goes to those who for the last 100 + days have given their all to continue to help the business thrive in the most difficult of challenges and equally those getting alongside them in the coming weeks and months when I can’t.

To my customers I trust you know that anything you need in my absence Alex Alcock, Claire Fletcher, Michelle Cracknell-Leafe, Aynsley Buggy, Ian Hallam and Ryan Jaiswal will absolutely be there to support. I envisage a return in the Spring next year and where I couldn’t see you over the last 14 weeks there will be plenty of catching up to be done the other side!

Signing off for now but my hope is that the next time we speak it’s of the successes following the challenges of 2020. Stay well and I look forward to re-connecting with you then, - Lou.

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Lou Carling

Lou Carling

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