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The CEO Sleepout

This photo may look like any other Saturday night at 3am in Chesterfield for our Director Arran but in fact he was sleeping rough for a purpose. He and our CEO James joined another 80 directors of local companies and slept rough last night to raise money for the homeless charity ‘CEO Sleepout UK’.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a bed to go home to at night, we don’t even think of ourselves to be privileged. There are so many people in the city who aren’t this fortunate. Many of us are quick to judge and walk past them without another thought. This is such a great cause and one that all of us see daily.

James and Arran by no means found this easy; James didn’t sleep for more than 2 hours and Arran, well clearly he can sleep anywhere. The worst part he said was waking up to rain on his face. They were pretty lucky with the weather to be honest. Again, lets think of those who don’t get that luxury.

If you fancy donating, we would really appreciate it, the charity needs all the help it can get! See the link below;  

Thanks Arran and James for supporting the charity and your great efforts, well done guys!

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