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Tips on How to Conduct an Interview

Securing the best talent in the market for your vacancy is a challenging process, with the battle to secure the best talent becoming an ever-increasing problem for businesses in the East Midlands. Here are our top interview tips for you to make sure you secure the best candidate for the job.


Doing thorough preparation on the candidate before the interview is a great way to build rapport with them and also allows you to dig deeper into their suitability for the job. Look through their CV in detail, gain an understanding of the key responsibilities in their current job and look for any common ground (school or university they attended, businesses they’ve worked for, interests on their CV).

Background and Experience

Ask the candidate to give you a general overview of their career and key experience to date. You’ll then want to narrow down if their experience relates specifically to your role. Ask 4/5 key competency-based questions asking the candidate to describe how they would approach certain tasks and how they communicate with stakeholders.

Career aspirations

Why does the candidate want to look for a new job and what are their aspirations going forward? What do they want from their new job in the first year and where do they see themselves going in the next 3-5 years.

Personality / Cultural Fit

Can you see the candidate fitting into your immediate team? How will they interact with stakeholders in the wider business? What are their interests outside of work?

Questions from the candidate

Not only is this a great opportunity for the candidate to ask you insightful questions, but it’s also another opportunity for you to sell the role and business to them. Tell the candidate how they can progress and develop, give examples of other people who have been successful in the business, and what are the benefits of working for your business.


We’d always advise moving from the first to the second interview as quickly as possible. It keeps the process moving and ensures the candidate stays engaged. We’re finding that some candidates will be interviewed at 4 or 5 businesses so waiting 3 or 4 weeks to book in second interviews will mean you risk losing your preferred candidate. It’s also important to give thorough feedback to the candidates who are unsuccessful to maintain your employer brand. Not providing feedback to candidates can have a negative impact on the reputation of your business. Make sure you give honest and constructive feedback – candidates will appreciate any advice you can offer them for future interviews they attend.

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