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As Jon Bon Jovi once said, “we’re half way there”, not quite Livin’ on a Prayer, more like Living the Dream for me & the work family here at Distinct. As we head into July I found myself (as I often do) reflecting on the first half of 2018. Time to take stock, hold up the hand mirror and take a moment to look back…

Safe to say it’s been a busy, productive & fruitful 6 months… new offices, designing & getting to grips with our new environment, welcoming new team members (4 to be precise), and establishing relationships with new suppliers & partners (think Technology, Events, Staff Wellbeing, & Personal Development & you’re on the right lines), as well as working with all of our great clients & candidates.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us along the way!

Special mentions to Darren Booth & Dougie Loan - #Legends, and of course our wonderful neighbours Aaron DicksTom Craig & the rest of the gang @ Impression who help to make our office the place it is.

We’re ahead of where we thought we’d be in terms of revenue YTD, Great News! This means we’ll be able to continue to invest back into the business – providing our guys with market leading, and dare I say pioneering tech that adds true value to the recruitment process for our Clients & Candidates. Having recently launched our offering to allow clients to view a short video of candidates shortlisted (recorded by the candidate, in the comfort of their own home, or wherever they fancy), I for one can’t wait to see this grow & evolve and am also excited to see how it benefits our customers.

So, in looking back I naturally found myself looking ahead to the 2nd half (don’t worry, no World Cup related puns here, just the one mention right at the end…).

- More Investment
- New members of the Distinct family lined up
- Exciting plans for the next phase of our journey
- We’re handling more vacancies than ever before, and continue to pride ourselves on working with the best & brightest candidates across the East Midlands. Coming into work everyday is so far away from a chore it’s almost a joke!

Whether you already deal with us Or are yet to do so, that’s cool. We love working with like minded people who believe in doing business the right way, if that’s you then it’d be great to catch up at some point.

"Doing the right thing is always the right thing"
- James Calder, Distinct CEO

We believe we make a valuable contribution to the lives of the clients & candidates we work with, and take that responsibility seriously. We care. We really do. We’re passionate about making the East Midlands the BEST place in the UK to develop a career (other locations watch out, because in time… we’re coming for you!).

Second half… let’s go.

PS. It’s coming home…

- Al

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