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World Vegan Day: Our Top Picks

In the spirit of World Vegan Day on November 1st, our consultants Aynsley, Bex S, and Michelle (who we’ve actually nicknamed ”Vegan” in the office) have plenty of great spots to check out in Nottingham if you’re vegan, plant based, or just fancy trying something a little different! 

Read on to see their recommendations for alternative burgers, cheese, lunch on a budget, hot drinks, places to shop, takeaway, ice cream, and chocolate.


Best burgers…

Winner: Annie’s Burger Shack.

“I love Annie’s and always have. I recommend The Lemmy burger.” - Aynsley

Bex: Fat Hippo’s vegan selection is by far the best in Nottingham, in my opinion!


Best alternative cheese…

Bex took the wheel with this one, pun intended.

Applewood smoked cheddar, and Violife extra mature are good for cheddar alternatives. As a rule, I stay away from supermarket’s own vegan cheese - it usually tastes like I imagine petrol tastes. The star of the show for cheeses, however, is Kinda + Co. Oh lordy, they are something else. They are quite pricey, but worth it as a treat.”


Lunch on a budget…

Winner: Subway was the group favourite.

Namely the vegan pate salad (pictured below), which you can also have in a sandwich.

Bex: Kayal’s vegan lunch deal is brilliant. At the moment, it’s £3.85 for 3 different vegan Indian dishes, rice and a bread/chapati type side!


Hot drinks for the winter…

Winner: 200 Degrees.

Recommended for their flat white and mocha, both made with oat milk.

Bex: Café Cocotang do a dreamy vegan hot chocolate. I’m not a huge sweet-tooth, but theirs isn’t too sweet, so I approve!

Vegan: All Mine (Cakes by the Lake), their hot chocolate (pictured below)! It’s on the outskirts of Nottingham, in Southwell.


Places to shop…

Winner: The V Spot was recommended by all three consultants, which is an independent eco conscious store in Sherwood.

"They have the best sausage rolls, hands down. Jalapeno and cheese!” – Vegan

“I also always end up stuffing my face on their jalapeno and cheese hot rolls on the way out...” - Aynsley

Bex: Number 12 on Eldon chambers is very good. They do a great vegan camembert. ...Wait, was that another cheese recommendation?

Aynsley: I went through the stage of hunting out the vegan specific places at the beginning, but now I love the challenge of finding all the accidentally vegan stuff in Morrisons or ALDI! That said, the vegan market in Sneinton you can’t go wrong with. It’s just amazing for food, cakes, and vegan goods.



Winner: Papa John’s range of vegan options.

Vegan recommends: “The Vegan Works (pictured below). I swap the jackfruit pepperoni for jalapenos.” 

Aynsley: You can’t go wrong with a shameless Papa Johns, but personally I love the vegan gyros from Cuzina in West Bridgford.

Bex: The Athenian. They have a wide range of vegan gyros and gyros boxes – all plant based and tastes so good!


Ice cream…

Winner: Everybody wins with ice cream.

Vegan: Ben and Jerry’s (pictured below). You can get it in the Victoria Centre Tesco!

Aynsley: Northern Bloc. It’s often on offer in Co-Op or similar.

Bex: Roar hazelnut chocolate cookie ice cream is what dreams are made of.


And finally, chocolate…

Winners: Vego and Bourneville

Aynsley: Vego Bar, mint Poppets, Ruffles, ALDI’s mint crème is accidentally vegan, and you can’t go wrong with Bourneville.

Bex: Again, I’m not the biggest sweet-tooth, but the best chocolate for me has to be Bouja Bouja. Also a little pricey, but so, so, good. 


Is anyone else hungry?
There are many reasons that someone may choose to follow an alternative diet or lifestyle, but even if you aren’t quite in the same boat, hopefully some of these top picks have still gotten your mouth watering. After all, trying new things is always fun when food is involved! (Speaking of fun - for a bonus minigame, count how many times we just used the word “Vegan”)


Thank you for reading, and thanks to Aynsley, Michelle and Rebecca.


Aynsley Buggy | Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Aynsley looks after both interim and permanent finance recruitment across the East Midlands. With 14 years’ recruitment experience, Aynsley prides himself on the advice he can give based on these years of knowledge.


Michelle Cracknell-Leafe (Vegan) | Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Michelle has over 10 years-experience and now specialises in the Part and Newly Qualified Finance market in the East Midlands, looking after salaries from £20-35k on a perm and interim basis.


Rebecca Sherman | Talent Acquisition Consultant

Rebecca covers Accountancy Practice roles across Milton Keynes, Northampton and the Home counties. She also names her plants.

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