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Rachel Watson, our Senior IT & Tech Consultant, recently joined the DDD East Midlands organisation team. DDD is the largest non-for-profit technology conference in the East Midlands, it celebrates the unique tech, talent & companies that the region has to offer. 

The aim of the original DDD was to provide free technical education. During it’s more than 10-year history, DDD has nurtured talented speakers who have gone on to become Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft FTEs and to present at National and International Conferences.

As one of three co-organisers, Rachel’s role is to secure sponsorship for the event from local tech companies. Director of DDD East Midlands, Jessica White commented:

“We are really excited to invite Rachel to join the DDD East Midlands crew next year. She has always been eager to give us a helping hand, including her hard work hosting the Speakers Workshop this year. If you want something done, she attacks it with fervour and enthusiasm, but she’s also not afraid to be straight with you. If you want honesty, effectiveness and someone who adds personality and lightness to work – Rachel is the person you want to work with.”

DDD East Midlands 2019 was a huge success. With local companies already getting in touch to sponsor next year’s event, our 2020 conference will take place on Saturday 3rdOctober at the Nottingham Conference Centre. 

If you are interested in sponsoring DDD East Midlands 2020, please click here to indicate your interest & I will be in touch later in the year once our sponsorship packages have been finalised. All sponsorship places are allocated on a first come first served basis, meaning I will get in touch with companies in the order that they have submitted their interest.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.


Submit a talk:

DDD East Midlands is open to a range of talks within the field of technology - it is language and technology agnostic. Because this is a conference for the community, by the community, anyone at all can submit a talk. We would like to continue to encourage more people to speak and to encourage a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and tech related roles to come and share their learnings at our event.

All talks that are submitted are anonymous and are then selected by popular vote by the conference attendees. If two or more talks are nearly exactly the same, the most popular will continue through and the next most popular, different talk will replace the one with identical content to ensure variety at the conference.

All selected speakers will be fully supported to ensure they are prepared for the big day, we do this via a variety of methods including offering mentors for speakers that are selected and request extra help and arranging an optional workshop for all speakers to help them construct their talk.

Our event organisers speak at local meetups about how to submit a good abstract, so if you are thinking about submitting a talk, why not come along? And if you think you or your team are doing something that others could learn from, why not submit a talk or encourage other team members to do so.

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Rachel Watson

Rachel Watson

Senior IT Consultant

0115 870 0300