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Drink Digital Sponsorship

Our Digital Marketing Consultant, Jack Rowland, was keen to get involved with Nottingham’s largest Digital Marketing meet-up, and what better way to network than with a free drink in your hand.

I’ve been aware of Drink Digital since before I joined Distinct and with several of my candidates and clients attending (some even speak at the event), I was really keen to start attending myself and see what it’s all about.

Boom Online, who organise the event don’t take themselves too seriously which translates into a great night that is fun but informative. The clues in the name, everyone has a few drinks and catches up about everything that’s new in the digital world.

Not only is Drink Digital a great way to increase my own digital marketing industry and technical knowledge, the majority of people who attend are in my network and who I speak to on a regular basis – so it’s a great way to strengthen those relationships in a laid-back setting.

After attending the event a few times, myself and the guys here really wanted to get more involved. The organisers already provide free pizza for all attendees, so rather than sponsoring it in the typical fashion, we figured that everybody would appreciate a free drink a lot more!

Drink Digital is free to attend and takes place on a Thursday around every six weeks – You can find the dates and more info here! On arrival, you’ll get a token which entitles you to one free pint, medium glass of wine or a soft drink of your choice, which you can use after the main talks have finished at around 8pm!

If you fancy meeting up at Drink Digital, drop me a message!


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Jack Rowland

Jack Rowland

Digital Marketing Consultant

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