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Audit Manager

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Audit Manager

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Audit Manager

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Audit Manager

Sector . Finance
Location . West Midlands
Salary . Salary comparable with Big 4 / Top 10 firms
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-08-28 15:14:27 2020-11-28 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

You'd earned your stripes as a Manager in a Top 10 firm and were all set to get promoted this year.

But then the virus came along.

You went into lockdown and started working from your spare room.  

There's talk of returning to the office, but you can see the promotion bottlenecks building and you've resigned yourself to treading water for the next 12 months. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

There's a firm, based to the South of Birmingham that have continued to grow, recruit and promote throughout 2020.

And they're recruiting for Audit Managers and Senior Managers.

The technical side of the role will probably be similar to your current postion. What's different here is the environment in which you'll be doing it.

You'll have a life outside of work. It's not to say you'll never have a long day, especially during busy season, but these will be few and far between. They resource their audits really well and you'll be working as part of a supportive team.

You'll have flexibility. This isn't to the extent where you can work from home every day. You'll be expected to have a presence in the office, but this isn't "for the sake of it". A big part of your role will be developing the graduates / part qualified studiers. They promote heavily from within and your team will look to you for support and guidance. 

And when you're in the office, you'll find that it's a very open culture. The Partners will take an interest in you. Their door will be open and they'll welcome your ideas and suggestions. In the same way you'll be looking out for your team, the firm will take your development seriously. You'll have the chance to be involved in the management development programmes, mentoring networks and business development activities.

If you'd like to know more about the role, the firm or the people you'll be working with, just apply to this and I'll be in touch. If you've not updated your CV yet, that's not a problem, just give me a call and I can answer any questions you have. My number is 07711963604. 

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