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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

Sector .
Location . Nottinghamshire
Salary . £20k - 25k per year
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-09-23 17:25:05 2020-12-23 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

You're in a business at the moment and you know what, its going ok you and the team of ten are doing a good job. Now and again you have a lightbulb moment and come up with a great idea. You take that idea to your manager they agree it's a great idea, they wonder "why didn't I come up with this?"

Weeks go by, your manager has taken it up the chain and nothing has happened. You start thinking is anything actually going to happen? It's now got to the point where there's no point even chasing it and you decide to just crack on with your team.

What about if there was another solution? What about if you could work for a business where you are the go-to person. You will be working for a business that doesn't want to hand hold you and instead trusts your instinct to make the best decisions.

You will have complete control of growing the businesses digital footprint, increasing engagement through multiple channels and be trusted to update content on their website. They really want you to be the go-to specialist in the business and make decisions quickly. This is a brand-new role for the business so there is a great opportunity to really put your stamp on things. The team organically will grow over time and with you already being the marketing specialist that you are, it makes sense over time for you to take on more leadership opportunities.

You don't have to be stuck in a team where your ideas aren't getting used. There is an option out there for you. If you fancy learning more about this, get in touch with Connor Coombes at Distinct Recruitment.

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