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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

Sector . Digital
Location . Nottinghamshire
Salary . £20k - 30k per year
Contract Type . Permanent
2021-04-08 00:00:00 2021-07-08 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

This role has a great feel to it. A role all about helping, a role about ensuring people are no longer in stressful situations. The company themselves manage debt solutions for everyone. Which are you can imagine have a been saving grace for a lot of people at the minute.

The role can be done remotely with you only needing to be in the office two days a week.

The role itself is a mix bagged sort of role. The sort of role I like to call an all-rounder. You will have your hands involved in a lot of different things.

First off, we have PPC. You will be fully involved in the accounts. Ensuring keyword search is performed in coordination with business KPIs and uncovering new opportunities. Then we have SEO. You will be monitoring analysing and evaluating web analytics in order to develop and recommend SEO strategies.

Alongside all that we have the social content and advertising campaigns. We have email marketing that you will be involved in as well to the current customer based. The full works here.

This is very much a hands-on role; you need to have been pretty hands on with SEO and especially PPC to flourish here.

I guess you probably have around 2 years’ experience with the above. Agency side or client side, it doesn’t matter. Even though this is the financial services industry. Its financial services with a feel-good feeling.

You are pretty much taking control of the digital marketing function. So, you will have autonomy to work towards the overall digital strategy and of course, get the backing you need to do a good job.

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