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Financial Controller | Part Time

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Financial Controller | Part Time

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Financial Controller | Part Time

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Financial Controller | Part Time

Sector . Accountant
Location . Nottinghamshire
Salary . £50k - 60k per year + 32.5 hours
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-02-22 19:20:06 2020-05-22 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

Lou, I want to be part of the Senior Leadership Team of an SME, help shape and drive the business, enjoy healthy debate and offer constructive challenge. The only thing is that I really value having more time for me, my family, my hobby (insert as appropriate) and don’t want to work full time. Well it’s rare but on this occasion your wish is my command.

Reporting into the Chairman of this successful, profitable SME based in Nottingham you will be a valued member of the board. With your peers you will be ultimately responsible for all the company’s financials and most importantly continuing to shape the strategy for profitable growth. Leading a small team this a doing role, month end, year end, budgets and forecasts will all be delivered with and through your team (which includes a ledger wizard and management accounts master). 

Success in this role is about bringing vigour, enthusiasm, insight, added value and your voice to this experienced leadership team. It’s safe to say that they’re a dynamic bunch so expect meetings to be lively with people speaking their mind and contributing to the wider success of the organisation. Communication will be the key to unlocking all the potential this role has to offer. Listening to the needs of the business whilst being able to get out into the organisation and offer sage advice and wisdom whether it be to the chairman or those invaluable team members making the magic happen.

A qualified accountant you love the variety, breadth and depth of the accounting role. Whether it be treasury, capex, costings to stat accounts you just can’t get enough of the financials. It can’t just be that though, culturally this business is going to need commercial acumen, exceptional communication style and a composed disposition.

If you think you have the right “minerals” to be a valued part of this board, contribute to the wider success of the company and have great fun on the way, get in touch!

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32.5 hours
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