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Front End & DevOps Manager

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Front End & DevOps Manager

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Front End & DevOps Manager

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Front End & DevOps Manager

Sector . Software Development
Location . London
Salary . £60k per year
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-12-02 03:30:08 2021-03-02 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

Front End Engineer (DevOps) | Central London | 60k


In this role you’ll be responsible for everything about the front end of 2 revolutionary AI products. This start-up have spent years honing their ideas and been through the pain of R&D and have settled on 2 outstanding deep learning products that I’ve never seen anything like before.


From a tech perspective they’re using JavaScript, React, NodeJS, SQL, Python & Docker for front end development and AWS, Cassandra and Spark for data processing & management.


So - on a day to day basis what will you be responsible for? As the Front End & DevOps Engineer you’ll be accountable for how the products look, act, interact and feel, and because you’ll also be developing them you’re responsible for making sure they work, all whilst driving the DevOps agenda internally. This role is key to the success of the portfolio, so you must have a keen eye for design, UX, UI & a strong development background.


If this all sounds like too much for you, then this isn’t the right role for you.


This is the start-up life - You will be challenged on a daily basis. You’ll often be out of your comfort zone, and you’ll learn something new every day as a result. Every person in this team counts and there’s nowhere to hide. You’ll be accountable for your specific area of the product lifecycle and you will love it! The job satisfaction and pride you will feel after joining this team is second-to-none. You will work in a small but brilliant team, all working towards the same goal, supported by a whole host of scientific advisors.


And what is this company like to work for? I think it’s fair to say that they work hard and they play hard. They’re financially well backed so they aren’t the start-up who will work you to the bone for little/no reward and never deliver on their promises. This is a start-up with a vision, and the money behind them to achieve it. They’re one of the most secure start-ups you can join at the moment, having been trading for a number of years and now pushing on with another round of investment to take them to the next level.


They are working towards an enviable 5 year plan – you could be managing a team of front enders & designers within no time at all, or you could stay fully hands on and move into more of an architecture role, or transition into a purely DevOps focussed role - the world really is your oyster.


So if you’re looking for a challenge in a driven, ambitious team, in a growing sector where you can really make a difference, add value and feel proud of the work you’re doing then it’s time to take control of your career and hit apply now.

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