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Paid Media Executive

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Paid Media Executive

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Paid Media Executive

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Paid Media Executive

Sector . Digital
Location . Derbyshire
Salary . £21k - 23k per year
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-10-24 19:05:08 2021-01-24 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

How about the idea of stepping up from an assistant to an executive? OR how about the idea of moving from agency side to an In-house role? How do those ideas sound to you?

Well, if you've read this far I am assuming they are pretty solid ideas and we are the same page. You will be working for a business who have expanded their marketing team a fair bit this year. With all things considered, that is pretty class. You will be working within a an already established team so don't worry about a support network, you will have it. You will be supporting a huge UK network within the Paid Media team. 

Now, you are already a Paid Media all-star so, I don't want to give you a loads of bullet points of whats expected from you. At the end of the day, you already know your job inside out. However, the job itself you will generate new customers via Paid Media channels such as Google Ads and Facebook. I reckon you also a fairly confident person so, building good relationships with business partners will come naturally to you. 

What will you get in return though? Why should you leave your current role? Well, i've got an answer for that as well. If you've got this far down the advert there's something in your gut telling you you're not going to be progressing anytime soon. Now, I am not going to sell you the dream that you will be on £100,000 in year two with a company car. But, what I can promise is they will make sure you are looked after. Need training in a certain area? No problem they will support you and pay for any courses needed. You have a great support network around you that will make sure you're successful.

So, after all that how does it sound? If you fancy hearing a bit more get in touch with Connor Coombes at Distinct Recruitment. 

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