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Recruitment Consultant - Practice Division

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Recruitment Consultant - Practice Division

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Recruitment Consultant - Practice Division

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Recruitment Consultant - Practice Division

Sector . HR
Location . Nottingham
Salary . Competitive basic plus excellent commission scheme
Contract Type . Permanent
2020-02-19 15:37:57 2020-05-19 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

“I’ll work anywhere. Just nowhere that smells as bad as the Egg factory please.”


“No worries, Arran. We’ve got just the job for you. It’s a few days work “cleaning up” on an industrial site. Get to our offices at 6am tomorrow and someone will give you a lift”


This was my first dealing with a recruitment agency (Draefern), back in 2001. Chesterfield were flying high in Division 3, I’d spent my student loan on Purple Nasty and I needed to earn a few quid for the promotion run in. 


*Bright and early next morning


“Has the agency told you what you’re gonna be doing, kid?”


“Yeah mate, just bit of cleaning up”




“That’s one way to put it. Right, keep an eye out for the first lorry. It’ll drive up this road and empty the dead sheep into that big hole. Use this stick to shove the ones that land around the edges into the hole”. We’re expecting about 25 lorry loads today. Oh, and it’s gonna f***ing stink too”


That’s right, early 2001 was the height of the foot and mouth outbreak and I’d been the victim of a recruiter who wanted to make a quick buck.


Recruitment Consultant – Accountancy Practice Division


As a Recruiter in our newly launched Accountancy Practice Division, you’ll be doing things a bit different.


There’s no “hit and run” recruitment here. 


In summary, it’s all about building long term, lasting relationships with your candidates. You’ll be looking after them so well that they recommend you to their mates. 


You’ll never be short on jobs. 


The main challenge will be identifying which jobs will be the best fit for your candidate.  


Transparency is key


If the job is with a firm, where the hours are long, the Partner is demanding and assignments complex. You’ll tell them. It might be just what they want. 


If the job is with a smaller firm, with a better work life balance, but they may need to be a bit more patient for that promotion. You’ll tell them. It might be just what they want.


If the job they’ve applied for directly, before they registered with you, is the best fit for them. You’ll tell them. 


Some days you’ll get lucky. You’ll register a candidate who wants to work for one of the large, well-known firms. If they’re right for them, you’ll place them there in a heartbeat.


But where you’ll really earn your stripes is by championing the underdog. 


You’ll meet a candidate and based on what they say is important to them, you talk to them about a firm they’ve never heard of. You’ll explain why you believe it will be a good fit for them. 


Exclusive relationships


Your aim will be to work with candidates on an exclusive basis, using our state of the art technology to identify potential candidates before your competitors do.


By asking the right questions, you’ll understand what is important to them and you’ll be able to identify the firms that are the right fit for them. You’ll be prepared to be patient as you’ll often be working with candidates who are happy in their roles but will move towards a better opportunity.


You’ll be partnering them with their job search. The most important bit is to offer a first rate service so they recommend you to their friends and colleagues. And the right recruiter for this desk will understand, that offering a first rate service, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve earned commission by placing them. 


When the referral comes through, the process begins again.


A bit about us


We’re an eclectic bunch and, whilst most people don’t come to work to make friends, we are privileged to class everyone we work with as a friend. We work hard but play hard too – as well as Vegas, we’ve done London, Vald’Isere and Hvar – and there’s plenty more to come. 


We’re very fortunate to have an incredible team around us and even though we’re only 4 years into our journey, it still feels like we’re just getting started. What we’re trying to say is, this is a great time to join us.


The working environment is pretty cool too. It’s a bit hard to put into words so take a look at the video which will give you an insight into life at Distinct:


Our new Division is in its infancy so you’ll need to be pretty resilient. So, if you’re the sort of person that would return for the second day of grave digging, get in touch with me on 07711963604.  

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