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Site Reliability Engineer

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Site Reliability Engineer

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Site Reliability Engineer

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Site Reliability Engineer

Sector . Cloud
Location . Nottinghamshire
Salary . £50k - 55k per year + benefits package
Contract Type . Permanent
2021-09-02 00:00:00 2021-12-02 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

Site Reliability Engineer | 50k - 55k | 100% Home Based


A lot of companies say they are “disrupting their industry” nowadays (insert eye roll here) but this is a firm who are experiencing rapid growth due to the fact there is NOTHING else like them out there. Nothing. They aren’t just disrupting this area of consumer finance; they’re creating a whole new one.


This Fintech are in their 4th year now & in what I’d call “scale up” mode. They launched a very successful API-driven web application last year which is being used by customers all over the country; and are now experiencing a large phase of growth to both refine what they already have and to push on into new areas.


As a result of their success, they’re looking to add two Site Reliability Engineer’s and a Platform Engineer to their Platform team. Until now they’ve managed with just a small platform team of 3, but now they’re getting bigger they need to grow the team to solve new problems and to maintain & build scalable infrastructure.


For the SRE’s, they’re looking for someone who can empower delivery teams by building highly reliable & scalable infrastructure using Terraform, Docker & Google’s Kubernetes engine, and who can use tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Checkly and PagerDuty to ensure they have detailed system telemetry with the mechanisms in place to confidently meet all their SLAs.


And for the Platform Engineer they’re hoping to find someone who will build, maintain and scale the infrastructure required to make the services easy to use, resilient, and scalable. As a team they pride themselves on building powerful interfaces for engineers that depend on internal systems. Whether that’s automated deployment pipelines with CircleCI and Github Actions, providing secure and fault tolerant networking through GCP load balancers and NGINX ingresses, or maintaining and upgrading their Kubernetes cluster while keeping their services highly available and performant…. they’re really looking for someone to drive the technical vision of their infrastructure platform, and flourish in an autonomous working environment with many moving parts.


And I haven’t even told you the best part yet: This team care.


Every single person hired into this company is passionate about doing things right, the first time. They believe in writing good quality, clean code. In releasing early, and often. In DevOps being a mindset for everyone to adopt, not a job. In working together as a team, with each individual playing to their strengths to get the best outcome. They believe in best practice, and in challenging one another. Because that’s how you create great software. There’s no “my way of the highway” here, no egos. Just true collaboration to get the best outcome for the customer.


I hope by now you’re getting the impression that this is a team that you want to be a part of, so you should know that they operate a model where you work 100% at home, 100% of the time. Why? Because what they’re doing is super-exciting and they want it to be accessible for anyone in the UK….and ultimately, they trust their staff. If you want to do the school run, do it. If you want to start at 5AM and finish at 1PM, do it. As long as you attend all the team meetings and the work gets done, you can sit there in fancy dress singing Shirley Bassey tunes at the top of your voice whilst you work for all they care – If the work is getting done on time & to a high standard, it works for them. Plus they love fancy dress…


In addition to all of this great stuff there are tons of other perks too. Things like allocated “outside time” when the sun is up during the winter months to encourage you to get away from your desk & keep your mental health in check, time allocated each month to developing new ideas & exploring new tech, hackathons, tech conferences, your own personal training & development budget…the list goes on.


So if you want to know more (and believe it or not, yes, there IS more) then get in touch! If you've got an up-to-date CV, just hit apply. If you don't, that's not an issue - just give me a call and I'll answer any questions you have. My number is on my LinkedIn profile (Rachel Watson).

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