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Talent Acquisition Consultant

Sector . HR
Location . Nottingham
Salary . Dependent on experience
Contract Type . Permanent
2021-08-03 10:02:23 2021-11-03 Distinct Recruitment Ltd

Are you looking to take the skills you’ve honed in Internal Recruitment, into agency? 

Yep, most ads you see probably talk about the opposite. Moving from agency to in-house. We are looking for the opposite to join us at Distinct in either our Nottingham office, Milton Keynes office or to join our North America team. 

What’s in it for you?

Maybe you want to focus on one particular area and be the master of it? We recruit across Marketing, Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, Tech, Analytics, Office Support and HR. You would have the opportunity to specialise in one area. Know it well, and own it. 

Or perhaps you want more of an international foot print? Earlier this year we set up our Distinct North America business and we are already making placements over there. If you're keen to test your skills across the pond, then joining this area of the business an absolute positivity. 

Maybe you moved from agency to in-house for a better work life balance? We value work life balance here highly. We arm our recruiters with the best tools to do their jobs well, whilst managing personal commitments and having that balance. Throw in unlimited holidays, a modern approach to hybrid working and a focus on results over hours, this will hopefully will alleviate any of those worries.

Finally, we have a really strong bonus scheme which we think can blow a lot of internal packages out the water. 

Why we want you.

You’re probably asking ‘But, why Internal Recruiters?’ Most of our team here have developed their skills and experience from joining us as trainees, or other agencies joining in the same way. 

We recognise over recent years the exceptional skills in-house recruiters have developed to cope with increasing demands and are now looking for talented individuals to take those skills and bring them into the agency world. You can also help us understand the bug bears of what other recruiters do which is frustrating. We’ve got some nifty skills we’ve honed here too so you're sure to learn a thing or two. 

We have opportunities for experienced recruiters to join our team at a variety of levels. If you're keen to hear more, then please drop Ryan a message or a call directly so we can have an informal chat. 

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Ryan Jaiswal

Director | Finance Recruitment

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