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Marketing Recruitment Agency.


As a leading marketing recruitment agency, Distinct has the expertise to support all of your hiring needs, on both a permanent and interim basis. From marketing assistant through to senior and director-level roles, as well as specialist digital positions, our team will find you the right candidates.


From our head agency office in Nottingham, we have over 15 years of combined marketing and digital recruitment knowledge; including internal, contingency, and headhunting experience. As a specialist marketing recruitment agency, we work with a variety of businesses, from start-ups, marketing agencies, and SMEs to national blue chips, manufacturers, and distributions, see our client roster. Whether you need a marketing recruiter for a large-scale campaign or to fill an extremely niche role, we are agile enough to work in the way you need us to.


How our Marketing recruiters work with you.

1) Our marketing recruiters will advise you on every step. From what salary to offer, to job descriptions, and positioning your business and opportunity in the right way.

2) We'll be upfront with you on what the challenges might be and what can be done to help overcome them. A simple change to your job title can make all the difference in attracting the right talent.

3) We often target candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new role. This will give you a more accurate selection of the market, and ultimately a better chance at getting the best person for the role.

4) The cover sheets we send to you with candidate CVs are critical and will save you time during the hiring process. They provide the context you need as to what’s motivating the candidate and why they’re leaving their current position.

5) We’ll take the time to support, consult, and discuss the market with you on both a local and national scale. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry means we can act as your consulting partner and add value to the recruitment process.

Your specialist marketing recruitment agency.

If you're looking to hire a Marketing Director, Leadership, or Board-Level professional, we also offer a specialist Executive Search service. Visit our Distinct Executive site to find out more here.

As your dedicated marketing recruitment agency, we recruit roles across the whole marketing and digital spectrum. Whether you want to link up for a coffee to discuss the market or the recruitment task at hand, we'll tailor our approach to suit your requirements.

  • Generalist Marketing
  • Digital Marketing – SEO/PPC/Social
  • CRM
  • Designers
  • Events
  • PR/Comms
  • Product Marketing

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