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At Distinct Recruitment, we work with a variety of businesses who are looking for highly passionate and skilled candidates, and we know just how important the person behind the CV is to any business. This drives our approach in finding professionals who are going to fit into your team seamlessly and will become an asset to you in no time at all. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us:

  • We own and manage ourselves. We don’t answer to external investors, allowing us to be discerning with the clients and candidates we work with.
  • No KPIs. We will never put a candidate forward for a role that isn’t right for them, even if that means a smaller shortlist – they will be the right people.
  • Five years down the line, we're big enough to deliver a consistently high-quality service and we're proud of that. But we're also small enough to be agile and bespoke in our offering to suit you.
  • We take the time to get to know your culture, so when you're looking for someone to join your team, we can represent and promote your brand effectively.

How we will meet your brief.

    • The Brief. Each consultant will be briefed in person, ensuring they understand the role and the business so that you can be represented accurately in the market.
    • Advertise. Our adverts aren’t just copy and paste of job specifications. We have been trained by external copywriters so we can bring businesses and jobs to life, focusing on the elements that will really appeal to the right candidates.
    • Job Boards. As well as advertising to our extensive LinkedIn network and through our website, we will advertise your job via Reed, Indeed, Total Jobs and CW jobs to name a few.
    • Utilise our contacts. We will contact all relevant candidates within our vast networks who fit the criteria to qualify them for the project at hand. We have fantastic exposure across the UK, keeping in touch with existing and potential candidates through events and meet-ups. 
    • Targeted Search. We can perform targeted searching using LinkedIn Recruiter and our extensive database to tap into the local pool of candidates who have the relevant skillset for you. We will then speak to these candidates one by one to determine which ones will have the right mindset for your business.
    • Shortlist. We will shortlist the candidates and submit the best ones to you, along with their availability, salary expectations and comments to explain why they are ideally suited to this role.
    • Interviews. We will deliver in-depth preparation to all candidates who are selected for interview. This will include whatever you see as relevant and required. We want your new hire to hit the ground running and this begins with the very first interview.
    • Offers. We will fully manage the offering process to your chosen hire. Reconfirming their package - from salary to working hours and issuing their start date.
    • Monthly Review. Your consultant will catch up with you and your new hire to ensure that everything is progressing well on both sides.

Working with us Exclusively.

If you decide to work with us exclusively, we will dedicate ourselves to fill your job with the best candidate in the market and with minimal disruption to your day job. In other words, we’ll take your “recruitment headache” away from you and prioritise the position to ensure a speedy resolution. Click here to download our Exclusivity offering.

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