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Ros Day.

Finance Manager

I joined Distinct in their first three months, my background has always been in Finance and having worked with James for 12 years previously, I knew I wanted to work for James and Arran. They were providing an opportunity to build a department from nothing and the promise of Radio 2 on all day.

It was definitely a challenge in the beginning and quite daunting - but in a really good way. We had no accounts software and I was starting on spreadsheets, I put a lot of pressure on myself but there was never any from James. There are no ego’s here, all of the consultants are just trying to do the best for candidates and clients and with a lack of KPI’s, it’s been a really positive journey so far.

At Distinct, it’s about developing your strengths and running with it and in our department, we’ve each been allowed to each play to our strengths and take on responsibility of our own section. We can all cover each other but I think it’s really invaluable that we don’t job share and have our own responsibilities. As the team has grown, I’ve been able to manage our accounts, Clare looks after the Temp side of the business and Joe has taken on credit control.

We’ve always been supported and developed. When it comes to training courses, budgets don’t come into it – if it’s needed, it’s needed. I’ve had management training, and for the first time in a long time, the Finance section is included in that progression.

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Clare Sheehan.

Assistant Finance Manager

I was in a similar situation to Ros before joining Distinct, I found myself involved in lots of small areas without being able to progress. So, when Ros came to me with the opportunity to grow the Finance team with her, I jumped at the chance.

Distinct had been trading for about a year when I joined. There were only 12 consultants, so the company was still very young but growing quickly. It was nice to start when we were still quite early on and help Ros from the point she had set out. As the company grew, so did the temp employment side of the business and I have been able to take on the Temp payroll and move that manual process into a digital one, which has been great to take leadership of.

Working at Distinct and being able to fit my job around child-care is a big factor, even when we were in West Bridgford and 2 bus stops away – we made it work. Ros and I were left to plan how we could see everything moving forward and we were able to voice it. The environment that James and Arran have created is un-like anywhere I’ve worked before, they’ve really broken the mould.

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Joe Mason.

Finance Assistant

My role at Distinct is working within the Finance team. I mainly look after: credit control, issuing invoices, reconciliations, posting invoices we’ve received, creating various reports spreadsheets and other fun finance-based shenanigans.

I started working here in April 2018 as the Apprentice Administrator – before that I was actually studying to become a sound and lighting engineer! Initially I wanted to join Distinct as I loved the look of the culture and laid-back atmosphere in the office; it seemed like a nice environment to be involved in. The promise of career progression was also a key factor in joining and this came quickly in October 2018, I moved into working within the finance team and Distinct are currently putting me through my AAT qualifications.

When I come into the office and sit down at my desk on a Monday, I’m not dreading the week ahead and counting down the days until Friday! In the past I never thought I’d actually enjoy working in an office, but everyone is dead sound, and it makes for a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We all genuinely care about how the company is doing and have an attachment to Distinct, I don’t think anyone sees this as ‘just another job’. Even us in the finance team, although we don’t recruit and contribute towards sales we still get just as excited by a new placement being made or when we hear about the future plans for the business!


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