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Agency Workers Regulations

Agency Workers Regulations



This Agency Workers Regulation Policy outlines the principles and guidelines governing the employment and treatment of agency workers at Distinct Recruitment. We are committed to ensuring that agency workers are treated fairly, in compliance with the law, and provided with a safe and inclusive working environment.




This policy applies to all agency workers engaged by Distinct Recruitment, including temporary, contract, and part-time workers.


Compliance with Regulations

Distinct Recruitment is committed to complying with all relevant UK regulations, including but not limited to:


  • The Agency Workers Regulations 2010
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • National Minimum Wage Act 1998
  • Working Time Regulations 1998
  • Equal Treatment


We are dedicated to providing equal treatment to agency workers in comparison to permanent employees. This includes equal access to facilities, services, and benefits, as well as equal pay for equal work.


Working Conditions


Agency workers are entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as permanent staff, including:


  • Working hours and breaks
  • Rest periods and rest breaks
  • Holidays and leave entitlement.
  • Health and safety conditions
  • Access to facilities
  • Pay and Benefits


Agency workers will receive a pay rate that is at least equal to the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage, as applicable, for their age. Additional benefits, such as bonuses or incentives, may be offered as stipulated by individual assignments.


Information and Consultation

Upon commencing an assignment, agency workers will receive information on their employment terms, including pay rates, hours of work, and any other relevant conditions. We are committed to providing transparent and timely communication.


Continuous Service


Agency workers’ continuous service will be calculated in accordance with the Agency Workers Regulations 2010. This ensures that agency workers are not unfairly disadvantaged in terms of employment rights due to the nature of their employment.


Health and Safety


The health and safety of agency workers is of paramount importance. [Your Agency Name] will provide appropriate training, personal protective equipment, and a safe working environment in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Complaints and Grievances


Agency workers are encouraged to report any concerns, complaints, or grievances related to their employment to their recruitment consultant or to the agency’s designated contact person – James Calder (CEO).


Monitoring and Review


This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with changing regulations and to assess its effectiveness in promoting fair treatment of agency workers.


Contact Information


For questions, concerns, or further information about this policy, please contact Distinct Recruitment on 0115 8700 300.


By adhering to this Agency Workers Regulation Policy, Distinct Recruitment aims to provide agency workers with a supportive and equitable working environment while maintaining compliance with all applicable UK employment regulations.


Review and maintenance


The Agency Workers Regulation Policy will undergo an annual review or whenever a legal requirement is modified, with the next scheduled review set for October 2025.