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Brand new look, same great agency

A lot has changed since we opened our doors in January 2016. Beginning as a five-person team with a single shared Apple Mac, we now have a headcount of over 50 people, spanning both our UK and North American businesses. 

Why we’re refreshing our brand

Throughout this growth, many fantastic changes have happened, but we’ve strived to ensure that our core values remain the same. Our new look represents our progress, stepping into a new era and essentially, growing up as we expand. However, our core remains unchanged. We’re still the same people-first, leading recruitment agency that our customers know and trust.

Evolving from Distinct Recruitment, we’re now simply Distinct 

From how we interact with customers to how we look after our staff, we believe in keeping things simple and this is reflected in our new, amended, name. 

From entry-level positions to our bespoke executive search offering, our mission is to support businesses and individuals to thrive by finding the perfect fit. Pursuing our approach of ethical and responsible recruitment, we strive to always do the right thing for the long-term benefit of all parties involved. We pride ourselves on prioritising quality, long-lasting relationships and never simply chasing a quick fee.

In this sense, we’re far from what some might picture as a stereotypical recruitment agency. Consequently, we wanted to reflect this in our new look brand. The sharper colour palette and more up-to-date tones represent our modern approach to recruitment and employment.

This new colour palette is bold to represent our confidence as leaders in the market. Along with the confidence we aim to instil in our clients and candidates. Whether that’s to pass an interview with flying colours or to make a new hire, truly knowing the ideal match has been found.

As a business

Internally, we still nurture the same people-first approach through our day-to-day culture, alongside our company perks and benefits. We’re on a continued journey to ensure the success and happiness of all of our employees and to advocate for what a great workplace looks like. 

Our projects to support this have included:

  • Achieving carbon-neutral status and beginning our Bcorp journey
  • Rolling out private healthcare, subsidised daily travel costs, mental health support and enhanced maternity pay for staff
  • Internal education and actively taking responsible steps towards diversity, equality and inclusivity
  • Partnering with local charity Operation Orphan and Forget-me-Notts, donating £10,000 to support their incredible work.

Your leading recruitment partner

We hope you like our new look as much as we do. If you’re searching for your next role or hire, our recruitment service supports professionals and businesses across the UK. Contact us today to learn how we can support your ambitions.


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