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Debunking 3 common temporary and interim myths

According to data from the UK ONS, approximately 1.01 million people were working in a fixed-term contract or temporary role from October 2022 to January 2023. This figure rose to 1.6 million when factoring in those who work casually, seasonally or in other similar types of employment.

Due to the nature of short contract lengths and demand for candidates who are immediately available, temporary and interim recruitment tends to move quickly.

The unique aspects of these roles, compared to permanent contracts, can sometimes lead to misconceptions – many of which our specialists, Claire Fletcher and Rochea-Cleo Ashanti have heard during their years in temporary and interim recruitment.

Recently, they sat down to debunk some of these more common myths. 

Myth: Temporary roles look bad on your CV

Truth: Temporary work can actually strengthen your CV and be a benefit during the interview stage.

“If you go through a period of time where you are out of employment, being able to show that you have picked up temporary work or interim roles in the meantime will appear much more positive and favourable to hirers.”

– Rochea-Cleo Ashanti, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Myth: Temporary jobs are for people who cannot find a full-time role

Truth: Many people choose temporary work and interim roles exclusively throughout their careers.

“When speaking with candidates, many often state they love the flexibility of temporary, interim or contract employment, among a variety of other reasons.”

– Claire Fletcher, Manager of Temporary & Interim Recruitment

As a temporary or interim worker, one perk in terms of flexibility is that when the agreed contract period comes to an end, there is no expectation for them to continue with the business if they’re seeking a new project or change in environment.

However, some do transition from temporary into permanent employment, which we’ll cover further on.

Exposure to different businesses 

Two businesses, even in the same industry, will be wildly different to each other. Work culture is heavily influenced by various factors such as an employee’s responsibilities, their team, input from leadership, the wider company ethos – the list goes on.

Working in a variety of organisations can allow temporary workers to gain more exposure and become specialists in their field; expanding their skill sets and their knowledge. As a result, by drawing on their varied experiences, they may be able to bring fresh ideas and solutions to existing processes.

Variation in experiences

Contract and interim workers will often come into a business to help implement processes or get a project over the line. These projects can vary in their aims, steps and length of time –  therefore, no two are the same.

An Interim Finance Controller’s role and duties might differ in a construction business, compared to in the healthcare sector or a technology consultancy.

Temporary, interim or contract employment can provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences which enable them to have a deeper understanding of different industries. All of which can make a very engaging CV.

Myth: Temporary roles are only short-term

“Many factors can influence this decision for an interim or temporary worker; for example, an ideal match can be due to a business’s location, its people and ethos, or the perks and benefits offered to staff.”

– Claire Fletcher, Manager of Temporary & Interim Recruitment

On the other side of the coin, a permanent candidate may decide to transition into temporary work or contract employment if they’re seeking a new challenge, a faster pace or to take on more varied projects. 

Work with our temporary & interim recruitment specialists

Whether you’re seeking your next temporary, interim or fixed-term role – or looking to hire, our team of recruitment specialists have years of experience in the market.

We’ll support you to find the right match, contact us today to get started. Alternatively, visit our jobs board and filter by ‘contract type’ to browse our latest temporary, interim and fixed-term vacancies.


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