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Love Actually: Where are our Christmas faves in 2022?

Christmas is upon us, which means it’s time to break out our favourite festive films!

Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone, Die Hard, all of these classics (and more) are high on the list of every office debate about the ‘Best Christmas Film’, but the discussion at Distinct this year is a little different.

We wanted to know what the cast of Love Actually would be up to in 2022 – and with the New Year marking the 20th Anniversary of the film’s release, what better way to celebrate?

Our team put their heads together to figure out what our favourite and not-so-favourite (that’s you, Harry) characters would be doing 20 years after Love Actually first appeared on our screens.

Hugh Grant As David (Prime Minister)

One of the biggest names on the bill, Hugh Grant as David, the Prime Minister is (probably) the most likeable PM to grace our screens. Incredibly humble, he is a man of the people who attends local nativity plays, defends his country’s interests in the face of strong opposition and dances like no one’s watching.

With almost two decades since the film’s release, we think it’s safe to say David would remain an important stakeholder, using his experience and former position to become a business leader. Whether in the public or private sector, his decision-making, foresight and friendliness make him ideal in a leadership role. If all else fails, he can always go on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Hugh Grant in Love Actually

Martine McCutcheon As Natalie (Member of the Household Staff at 10 Downing Street)

Natalie is a junior member of the Household Staff at 10 Downing Street and the apple of David’s eye throughout the film. While Natalie may come across as unprofessional to the older staff, her no-nonsense attitude and hard-working nature make her a great employee. She ends the film on the arm of David (sorry for the spoilers) and looks set to take the world by storm.

While we can only speculate on whether Natalie and David are still together 20 years on, we think it’s safe to assume that Natalie would use her experience (and the name of Number 10) to land herself a great role either managing a team or running her own business. She also has a big heart and is incredibly easy to talk to, which would make her perfect for a role in HR, helping others feel less like a small fish in a big pond. 

Martine McCutcheon in Love Actually

The late Alan Rickman As Harry (MD – Design Agency)

Harry, Harry, Harry… While there are legions of fans who will never forgive him for what he did to Karen, it’s hard to not agree that his role as the Managing Director of a successful London design agency makes Harry an incredible candidate. However, his relationship with Mia and subsequent issues with Karen may well have been the nudge Harry needed to take a break from the busy London design scene and try something new.

As a result, we reckon Harry would be more committed to spending time with his family and look for a role with a better work-life balance. This may lead to Harry looking for a creative lead job rather than an MD role at a marketing company. With his skills and experience in art and graphic design, Harry would excel in Digital Marketing roles specialising in UI/UX Design, Product Design, or even Social Media. 

Alan Rickman in Love Actually

Emma Thompson As Karen (Super Mum)

Sharp as a whip, Emma Thompson’s Karen is one of the standout performances in what is a very talented cast. She is a full-time mom who gives her all for her family alongside being an expert multi-tasker, creating the famously questionable nativity play lobster costume whilst setting up a lovely family Christmas.

Karen is unfortunately a tragic figure in this film after discovering Harry bought a necklace for his secretary (Mia) for Christmas. While we can’t say what her relationship is like 19 years later, we think it’s safe to assume Karen would have gone back to the workforce as her children became more independent.

We think Karen has great drive, organisational skills, and a keen mind which make her a great asset to any company, especially in office support, operations, and management. A role in an office would also give her the power to ban Joni Mitchell’s music from any Christmas parties.

Emma Thompson in Love Actually

Colin Firth As Jamie (Novelist/Writer)

Moving on to another storyline, Jamie (played by Colin Firth) is a novelist who escapes to Portugal to try to complete his next book. He meets Aurélia, and through some awkward conversations and some impromptu swimming, manages to get the courage to confess his love.

With his newfound confidence and a lovely meet cute, we expect Jamie would go on to find inspiration and write some incredible novels. His writing abilities and bumbling British persona are incredibly endearing and, failing the book sales, could also see him ply his trade in a marketing capacity to great effect – perhaps as a copywriter for websites, blog content, or social media.

Colin Firth in Love Actually

Bill Nighy As Billy Mack (Famous Rocker)

The enigmatic Billy Mack is everywhere in this film. From the opening scene, his Christmas cover is a wonderful callback throughout the film highlighting how big a star Billy Mack is. His firebrand nature and ability to grab the headlines by saying outlandish things make him a headache for his long-suffering manager but could make him a valuable addition to any advertising campaign where going viral is a must. In 2022, TikTok could be just the platform for Mack to thrive.

This makes us think the ageing rock star would have a great time partnering as a social media influencer, helping out on marketing campaigns and enjoying his wealth, the only way he knows how; by not attending Elton John’s parties.

Bill Nighy in Love Actually

Andrew Lincoln As Mark (Wedding Photographer)

Last, but not least we wanted to look at someone from the love triangle story. Mark is in love with Juliet (who is engaged to his friend Peter). Hired as the wedding photographer, Mark’s true feelings are discovered by Juliet when she sees all the wedding footage is of her. This unrequited love complicates their relationship and ends with the famous ‘Christmas Carolers’ scene where he confesses his love but concedes.

Mark is another tragic figure and while his eye may have been off the ball at the wedding, we believe his eye for detail and passion would make him a great addition to any design department.

Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually

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