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The power of the part-time workforce

I spoke with a great candidate this week who we have just placed into a part-time job. She’s buzzing as she gets to join a brilliant company in a challenging Finance Business Partner role, but also gets to spend an extra day a week with her little boy. You can’t put a price on that.

The role wasn’t initially a part-time position. However, when I advised the client that I knew a great candidate who would consider the role on a PT basis they were really open to the idea. 

This was very refreshing to hear and something I believe more businesses should be open to. It provides an opportunity to secure high-quality talent ahead of your competition – and reap the benefits of an engaged workforce who will often have reduced stress levels and improved health. 

As an employer, you’ll also benefit from increased employee motivation levels amongst your workforce due to their better work-life balance. Happy, engaged employees perform much better in the workplace.

At Distinct, we practice what we preach, 3 of our team, soon to be 4, currently work part-time and as a business we actively encourage part-time working and recognise that whilst work is important, so is family life and other commitments.

Charl heads up the HR Division at Distinct and loves working part-time as it allows her to manage her work-life balance, gives her total flexibility and gets to spend time with her little boy. Charl gets the best of both worlds, to work in a job she really enjoys whilst not compromising on family life.

Fletch works 4 days per week recruiting Procurement and Supply Chain professionals for Distinct and believes in these 4 days she is more effective and focused with her work and gets to use her Friday for quality family time.

Ros, our Finance Manager at Distinct believes that she is far more productive in 4 days per week than she is in 5 and her day off allows her to re-focus her mind and focus on things at home – giving her the chance to really enjoy her weekend and ensuring she is fully refreshed when Monday comes around.

So if you’re a return-to-work mum, a father who wants to spend more time with your family, someone who supports elderly relatives or someone who is just looking for a better work-life balance get in touch today  – we will pro-actively support your job search so you can land the part-time role you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re a client who is struggling to fill a full-time position and want to explore what part-time options would be available to you, we recruit for all job types – so get in touch!


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