Which Friends character earns the most?

Distinct teamed up with giffgaff to see which Friends character earned the most throughout every season of the show

Distinct teamed up with giffgaff to produce the above infographic, showing exactly what each Friends character earned throughout every season of the show.

This went on to be published in the likes of Cosmopolitan, The Independent, Metro, Yahoo, and Comedy Central – could we BE any prouder?

“Joey ends up being the highest-paid Friend, but he does have a rollercoaster of a time when it comes to his wages before he becomes a big actor. For a lot of the 10 series, he’s an out-of-work actor, but when he gets the lead in a movie he’s earning $130,000. Phoebe is the lowest-paid member of the gang as she mostly works as a masseuse, a busker, or an extra on Days Of Our Lives. But we get the feeling she’s not that bothered.”



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