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Why you should consider a career in Procurement

For many of the candidates we meet, supply chain and procurement jobs were rarely discussed as a potential career option at school or college. Despite this, procurement is a thriving function within almost every business – meaning it provides the unique opportunity for you to specialise in what interests you the most.

 Read on to discover why you should consider a career in Procurement.

Career progression

Whether you start your career at the bottom of the ladder as a Purchasing Assistant or sidestep later in your career, the opportunities to progress are plentiful. With the rise of Chief Procurement Officer roles, you could find yourself leading the strategy of the business alongside other c-suite colleagues.

Don’t fancy managing people? Not a problem. Luckily, you can still progress to high levels without having to manage a team. Take this FTSE 250 business we’ve recently been working with; we helped them find a Head of Procurement which came with a 6-figure salary and great benefits. Without a single direct report!

Business skills

To have a successful career in procurement, you will need to acquire a wide range of business skills. Whether it’s negotiation to thrash out a deal with a new supplier, market research to map out your supply base, or leadership skills to coach and influence stakeholders on procurement policy; you’ll be developing a set of skills that will carry you throughout your career.


It’s the spice of life, and procurement is no exception. Whether you want to specialise in category management, strategic sourcing, supplier management, or even sustainability for the eco-conscious out there, you’ll have plenty of options to either diversify or narrow down your expertise. Not only this, you can choose to specialise in what interests you. Excited by packaging? Are cars your thing? Want to give back and work for a charity? Whatever your interest, you can choose to work in an industry that means something to you.


We live in a world that’s more connected than ever and working with suppliers across the globe is typical. Although many communications are done by telecon or video-con, suppliers still need visiting to be vetted and managed. Whether you’re working with suppliers in the UK or the Far East, you won’t be chained to your desk and you’ll be out and about. The travel will also help hone your skills of working with different cultures!

You directly impact the success of the organisation

Ever felt like you’re lacking a sense of purpose in your job? If you’re working in procurement, you’ll be directly influencing and impacting the success of the organisation, so you won’t feel like a cog in a big wheel.

Whether you’re putting together a sustainable procurement plan that will ensure business continuity or working on a cost-saving project that’ll improve profitability and allow for reinvestment; you’ll be able to put your feet up at the end of every week and take stock of what you’ve achieved.

Work with Distinct

At Distinct, our recruitment specialists match entry-level procurement candidates and seasoned professionals to their ideal opportunities across the UK. If you’re searching for your perfect procurement role, contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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